verhaal in de kijker 

  • Onze nieuwste aanwinst is gearriveerd 
  • Marmon Herrington armoured car 
  • Mk IV (1943)

The Mark IV was a completely redesigned vehicle, though still based on the same engine and Marmon-Herrington components. The rear-mounted engine and the transmission were bolted directly to the welded hull.[4] Armour protection was still thin at only 12 mm to the front and 6 mm thick elsewhere. A QF 2 pounder anti-tank gun was mounted in a two-man turret. The gun used an artillery mounting as the turret was not up to the stress of a tank mantlet mounting. Late production vehicles had a coaxial Browning MG. An anti-aircraft Vickers or Browning MG was mounted on the turret roof. Over 2,000 units built.

De komende dagen zal dit zeldzaam stukje geschiedenis volledig in orde gezet worden met de benodigde uitrusting aan boord .


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